Season 6 is a thing that's happening

After a series of long and spirited debates where we kicked around ideas like "CARDS: THE VIDEO GAME" or "SWEATY MEN TRAPPED IN RECTANGLES," we've decided to call the next Season of SuperCard ... Season 6. And it's coming this November.

Alongside the bump in subtitle, we're debuting a bunch of new features that we believe have the potential to change the way you play SuperCard. For starters, we're popping the hood on card systems to simplify and redesign. We're adding on top of Pro'ing, allowing you to make the strongest cards to date. And speaking of cards, we've got three new tiers coming your way on launch day.

We've also got [REDACTED] and an incredibly exciting new [REDACTED], which we think will compliment play quite well.

Just to give you some context on where the collective heads at SuperCard HQ are, we want Season 6 to be all about quadrupling down on SuperCard as a hobby. When you play, you'll notice more dynamic content and a game world that reflects current WWE events. Late last Season you saw us moving in this direction with the Velveteen Dream Experience and then with our Halloween promotion. We'll keep pushing the bar, except with fewer Rabbit Appearance Frustrations. Expect more unique and themed content  dropping regularly.

We also want to make sure your voice, your thoughts, and your feedback continues to be represented. The last five years of this game couldn't have happened without you joining us and giving us your guidance. In S6, we’ll keep honing and refining the game around your feedback. We hear your concerns about Over the Limit. We hear your opinion about what could make Giants Unleashed feel tighter. We got you on wait times in PVP. And we heard you about shaking the cards system up and expanding teams.

Season 5 was all about streamlining and restoring the game's fundamentals so you could get more competitive faster. Heck, we even rebuilt the game's network so we could do a lot more stuff server side without interrupting your play. We'll keep building on this foundation with fresh features, fresh mechanics, and the stuff that you want. Together we're building something wildly entertaining here.

We look at at this new Season pretty simply: we're just getting going here. We're ready give you even more. See you this November.

-- WWE SuperCard

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