WWE SuperCard - Season 4 Approaches

It’s time. Season 3 of WWE SuperCard was the best yet, but we have an even better season coming. We couldn’t be more thrilled to officially introduce you to Season 4 of WWE SuperCard. Read below for an overview of what’s coming to Season 4, and make sure to stay tuned for deeper dives into each major feature outlined below.

Unified PvP Leagues and the Elimination Chamber Game Mode:

We’ve overhauled the Player vs. Player (PvP) gameplay loop in order to provide a more efficient and rewarding experience. To start, players will now earn Competitive Points (CP) for every match won and will receive larger amounts at the end of the League based on their overall performances. This CP can be used in the new CP Store to purchase in-game goods, such as cards and cardbacks. Additionally, players can get a head start on the competition with Momentum, which is earned as you play, to unlock powerful boosts for the next League. This new PVP system will contain three game modes: War (formerly known as Ranked Mode), Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber. Each mode is on a weekly rotation, and earning Momentum in one mode will help unlock boosts that carry over to the next mode. More information on this new system, as well as brand new Elimination Chamber, will be provided soon. However, there is one thing we can share regarding the new game mode – make sure you have some strong female Superstars. J

New Card Tiers and Card Catalog:

A new season wouldn’t be a new season without new card tiers, and we have three exciting new tiers taking command of the ring with over 250 new cards. The three new tiers are Beast, Monster and Titan, in that order. Keep an eye out for more information, including a sneak peek at some of the new cards.

The Card Catalog is also receiving a makeover. Players will now earn a Star for each new card acquired and another Star after the card is Pro’d. This way, players can easily show off their card collecting accomplishments via their Star Ratings. The Catalog itself will also be easier to navigate, as will all of your decks.

King of the Ring 2.0:

King of the Ring is a beloved game mode in WWE SuperCard, but we felt there were significant ways to improve it. King of the Ring will now start with 32 players in total, with the players split evenly into four groups of eight. Players will battle through their groups and earn awesome rewards along the way.

Additional Features and Improvements:

We’ve given WWE SuperCard a major art refresh, focused on a new User Interface, new in-game animations for Money in the Bank and Support Cards, brand new environments reflecting WWE’s flagship programs such as RAW, SmackDown Live and NXT, as well as a cleaner and more streamlined look and feel.

Season 4 will also introduce improvements to the social system, including the ability to use your sweet Attitudes in chat. Team management will be improved going forward, and chatting with friends and teammates has never been easier.

In addition to everything outlined above, we will have more details to share with you in the coming weeks leading up to the launch of WWE SuperCard Season 4. Keep in touch with us through Twitter, Facebook and our forums. We’ll see you in the ring, Superstars!

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